LED Grow Light

Green Planet LED Grow Light (750W GL)

Amazing Results

This Full Spectrum LED Grow Light is very useful in clone vegetative and flowering stages for plants of all varieties. Green Planet LED Grow Lights are designed with high tech integrated chips and 3 separate dimmer controls to adjust the lights. The 90* Optical Glass Lens and Reflectors concentrates the lights so that deeper plant penetration is possible.

Quality Performance

Our enhanced LED design nearly Doubles the Grow Time, when compared to a Metal Halide lamp. Each Green Planet LED Grow Light comes with an internal High Temperature Monitoring device that will shut off power to the lamp if it exceeds 104*. Power is restored once the LED Lights reach normal operating temperature automatically.


Our operating temperature for the 750W GL is -4* F to 104* F. This grow light is meant for indoor use only.

Tech Specifications

The 750W has been designed with high intensity output to increase lumen levels on plants. Due to the size of the light, it has a bigger footprint to accommodate a larger number of plants and yields. For the first time, an LED grow light can be placed closer to a plant increasing light levels while maintaining cool soil and stable temperatures. This process allows for the quicker growth of plants in a more controlled, and regulated environment.



Revolutionary design and architecture series. Our High Bay Lighting is the perfect choice and solution for your modern lighting needs. Economical and long lasting, High Bay Lighting by Green Planet LED will stand the test of time and look elegant while providing years of performance.


Lightweight Ease of Use



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Green Planet LED has continually exceeded industry standards for brightness and efficiency. We have specialized in providing LED lights bright enough to be used in General Illumination Applications, Ceiling Fixtures, and Street Lighting applications. In addition, Green Planet LED's extensive line of high-brightness LED lights are also introducing new performance levels to outdoor video displays and decorative lighting. From installing indoor lighting for the biggest earth moving equipment supplier Caterpillar in Mexico to setting up The first LED street light in Ireland, Green Planet LED and Singbee are your professional solution for all your illumination needs.

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