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Green Planet Revolutionary LED Block


Have you been searching a lifetime for the perfect lamp? Have you ever received a customer request that was difficult & expensive to fulfill? Have you ever needed an LED lamp that just does the job? Have you ever seen beautiful architecture with boring lamps? We know. There are a few reasons why we made LEDBLK. An LED block flexible in every way, from simple things such as lens options and LED choices to revolutionary changes that can cover any shape and mounting requirements possible. This is an LED block designed to build your dream!


Each LEDBLK can be connected in all four different directions. Each connection is sealed by a patented 'Button' waterproof seal, providing a secure and flexible connection. This allows the LEDBLK to form any shape you desire.


LEDBLK consist of 12 individual LEDs and lenses. Both the LED and lens are interchangeable, adapting to the exact light distribution that you desire with either 1 type of lens or 12 different lenses.

Design A Brighter Future

LEDBLK is the only product that can make your dream product come true. Its high end specifications, all around connections and unlimited possible combinations, in both shape and mounting make your dreams possible!


Dream It! Build It!

GreenPlanet LED can make your ideas come to life or we can provide ideas for you. We already have over 100 different designs for LEDBLK ready to be made upon request. All you need to do is tell us your dream product and we will bring it to life! Design, technology, quality, flexibility, and unique creation all in one was previously only possible in your dreams. Your project is your dream. Your dream should be decided by you, not by whatever your supplier gives you! Use LEDBLK and just imagine…

The Revolution Has Arrived



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Green Planet LED has continually exceeded industry standards for brightness and efficiency. We have specialized in providing LED lights bright enough to be used in General Illumination Applications, Ceiling Fixtures, and Street Lighting applications. In addition, Green Planet LED's extensive line of high-brightness LED lights are also introducing new performance levels to outdoor video displays and decorative lighting. From installing indoor lighting for the biggest earth moving equipment supplier Caterpillar in Mexico to setting up The first LED street light in Ireland, Green Planet LED and Singbee are your professional solution for all your illumination needs.

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