The 360 Solutions

360 Optics

The 360 Lamp Sources (LEDs) are designed to be fitted with multiple Optics, Butterfly Light Distribution for the Roadway, long and narrow light distribution for Warehouse Racking, or round and uniform lighting for General Illumination. Combinations of different LED types and Optics enable a selection of up to 8 different light distributions. With our premium optical material and advanced optical design technology, 360 Optics can achieve up to 92% Efficiency, so light energy is never wasted and it is always directed to where it is intended.

Light Distribution

BAT1 is a light distribution specifically designed for sidewalks or 1 to 2 lane roads, also known as Type I Distribution. The asymmetrical light distribution enables coverage of long and narrow areas even if the light is placed at the center of the pathway and road.


Bat 360

This distribution is upgraded from the traditional Bat Shape. We built an extra wing onto it, producing the perfect distribution for street light applications.

  • 3 Front
  • 6 Sides
  • 0 Rear


Bat Shape


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Green Planet LED has continually exceeded industry standards for brightness and efficiency. We have specialized in providing LED lights bright enough to be used in General Illumination Applications, Ceiling Fixtures, and Street Lighting applications. In addition, Green Planet LED's extensive line of high-brightness LED lights are also introducing new performance levels to outdoor video displays and decorative lighting. From installing indoor lighting for the biggest earth moving equipment supplier Caterpillar in Mexico to setting up The first LED street light in Ireland, Green Planet LED and Singbee are your professional solution for all your illumination needs.

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